• Premium Grade Citronella Oil For Bulk Traders
  • Premium Grade Citronella Oil For Bulk Traders

Premium Grade Citronella Oil For Bulk Traders

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Product Description

Product Description

Citronella oil is a volatile oil which is distilled using steam from the greenish blue, lemon-scented leaves and stem of the plant Cymbopogon nardus (Ceylon citronella) orCymbopogon winteratus (Java type citronella) and the main constituents being citronellal and geraniol. In trade, citronella oil is categorised into two types:1) Ceylon citronella oil - obtained from Cymbopogon nardus Rendle, (inferior type)2) Java citronella oil - obtained from Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt, (superior type)The Ceylon citronella oil was the more widely produced citronella oil, until the beginning of this century. However, the Java citronella oil slowly began to show dominance in the market because of its higher yield of oil. 

Benefits of Citronella Oil for Health:

Deodorant: The crisp, rich citrus or lemon-like aroma of this oil drives away body odor and is used in deodorants and body sprays, although in very small quantities, since in heavy doses it may create skin irritations. It can also be mixed with bath water to have a refreshing, body odor-ending bath.

Diaphoretic: The diaphoretic properties of this essential oil increase sweating and promote the removal of toxins and other unwanted materials like excess water, fat and salts from the body. This makes the body feel lighter, keeps the skin healthy and also reduces fever. This also protects you from certain infections.

Diuretic: The increase in the frequency and quantity of urination due to this property of citronella essential oil has many benefits. It disposes of waste substances and toxins from the body, including uric acid, excess bile, acids, and salts, as well as water and fats. This helps reduce weight, eliminate infections in the urinary system, free the body from toxins, reduce chances of renal calculi, rheumatism and arthritis, improve digestion, and keep the heart healthy.

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  We offer premium Qualtity of Services ,once you choose our Company to buy   Citronella Oil    we will gudie you through out the buying process until your Ordered products reach you safely we will Monitor each and every action. 

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  Since our inception in 2005, we Genius Nature Herbs Pvt. Ltd., serves as a leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporter of moringa, wheatgrass, spirulina and other natural herbal products and remedies. The products manufactured by us are quality assured and yield good result. We have been a renowned name when it comes to manufacturing high quality herbs and seeds. Our Moringa supplements have been effectively used since ancient times, with a high track record of preventing and controlling common and chronic disease compared to modern day medicine. At Genius Nature Herbs, our mission is to ensure quality herbal products to create a healthier generation. Finding new ways to improve the efficiency of our products at lowest possible cost has become a practice at Genius Nature Herbs. We vie to provide our clients with best quality herbs with guaranteed price match. Currently we have a dynamic professional team of around 50 personnel, who constantly focuses on customer's needs and keep abreast of leading edge trends. At Genius Nature Herbs it is our continuous attempt to break new grounds and unearth fresh solutions. We have vast experience in procurement of herbs with respect to harvesting, its origin and varieties. 


FAQWhat are the Characteristics Of Citronella Oil?

Citronella oil is a colourless or light yellow liquid with a characteristic woody, grassy or lemony odour. It is flammable and if the vapours are inhaled, this could cause an initial stimulation followed by depression of the central nervous system.Citronella oil may be harmful if ingested in quantity and may irritate the skin and eye. However, it is not believed to be hazardous to humans, including children and those with sensitive skin, if used according to label instructions. Citronella oil has been widely used since the 1950s without any adverse effects which may cause concern.Citronella oil has minimal or no risk to wildlife and environment due to its toxic levels being low and its use being limited. Therefore, it can be used around the home with no expected adverse effects.


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