• jelly ingredient - stabilizer
  • jelly ingredient - stabilizer

jelly ingredient - stabilizer

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Product Details
CAS No.:9005-38-3 Other Names:algin MF:C6H7NaO6
EINECS No.:******** FEMA No.:********** Type:Emulsifiers, Stabilizers, Thickeners
Packaging Details 25kg polywoven bag
Product Description


sodium alginate to make the gel-like food , jelly ,candy.

Sodium Alginate’s form is a flavorless gum that is used as an emulsifier or to increase viscosity in the food industry. It can also be use in preparing dental impressions or in indigestion tablets. Some of its major applications is in textile screen-printing, carpet jet-printing, reactive dye-printing and as thickener for reactive dyes. When it comes to food additives, sodium alginate is best used in producing gel-like foods.

II. Food IndustryA. Stabilizer-when used as a stabilizer in ice cream, sodium alginate can avoid forming of ice crystals and will make the product tastier.B. Thickener and Emulsion-can raise stabilization and decrease liquid when used in cold dishes, sweet pastry and canned products.

C. Hydration- can make noodle, vermicelli or ice powder have strong cohesiveness, pulling , bending and reduce breaking, specially suitable in the less gluten content of wheat flour.

D. Coacervation-can be used to keep gel-like products in a fine state. Can also be used as covering for fruit, meat and seaweed products to keep air out and longer storage.

Sodium Alginate is an interesting ingredient in a majority of food products that the urban world is consuming. It is a compound comprised of alginate and sodium derivative. However, not many would have expected it to come from typical seaweed.  or brown seaweeds are where alginates can be extracted from. The extract undergoes a complex process and eventually becomes the ingredient that the food industry is so familiar with. When it is extracted from brown algae, it then becomes purified carbohydrate and results into a thick substance.The Many Uses of Sodium Alginate in Food

What is responsible for its many uses are its special properties

particularly its ability to thicken easily and become viscous quickly once it is dissolved in cold or hot water. Another beneficial property is that it forms into a gel once in contact with calcium. In contrast with agar-agar gel, sodium alginate can thicken even when dissolved with a cold solution.Sodium alginate is popularly used as an additive in popular foods like ice cream and caviar. It is used as a flavor and taste enhancer.It is also a common ingredient used for increasing the thickness of gravy and tapioca.Processed foods too have a high percentage of sodium alginate. Its thickening properties are so essential in the cooking industry especially in syrups, sauces, and some milk products. Apart from its thickening properties, sodium alginate is also used as n effective anti-settling or stabilizer for milkshakes and ice creams As an ice cream stabilizer, it is known to replace ingredients such as carrageenan and starch.What makes it useful in ice cream making is that it can prevent ice crystals and make the product tastier. It also helps in emulsifying and stabilizing a variety of salad dressing, tomato ketchup, canned products, and pudding jam.

When used in dairy products such as all purpose cream, dry cheese, and refined cheese, it prevents the finished product from sticking to the product.Furthermore, it can be used for creative cuisine applications.

Food grade

Industrial grade





Low viscosity<150

Medium viscosity 150-400

High viscosity >400

Low viscosity<150

Medium viscosity 150-400

High viscosity >400


Milky white or light yellow granule or powder

White to light yellow or light brown yellow

Ph value






Water unsolvable,%



Ash content,%


Light transmittance,%


Lead (pb),(mg/kg)




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