• Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat
  • Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat

Shakti General Stress Relief Spiked Mat Acupressure mat

  • USD $5 - $10 / Piece Get Latest Price
  • SCMO
  • Zhejiang, China
  • 100 Piece / Pieces
  • T/T Credit Card
  • 20000 Piece / Pieces per Month
  • Shanghai
Packaging Details 1pcs/pe bag, 10pcs/ctn, can be customlized packing.
Product Description

Product DescriptionThe Origin of acupuncture mat

Acupressure mat is very popular in Scandinavia from year 2009,Also called spike mat,nail mat,acupuncture mat,needle mat,The same acupressure mat, but different name,It is consist of different flower (disc),fabric and stuff, different parts combination has different price,But key parts is flower, There are round shape,triangle,octagon,hexagon and lotus flower in the present market, Now we have a new collective flower- "the flower of life"

Detailed Images

size 75X45X2CM
Weight 1330G
Nails quantity 221PCS
Material Cotton and linen cloth + coconut filled+ ABS spike
Packing Bag packing or color box packing. can be customlizd
Testing certificate SGS, CE, RoHS and pass AZO

Product functionThe product helps the followings:

1. Reducing pain in back, neck, shoulders, hips and joints2. Improving blood circulation3. Increasing energy levels4. Deep sense of relaxation5. Decreasing muscular tension6. Increasing levels of endorphins (the well-being hormone)7. Increasing uptake of oxygen8. Improving sleep quality9. Improving digestion10.A positive mental outlook 11.Relieve  muscles tension and stiffness12.Adjust  the internal organs function, enhance human immunity

FAQFAQ of Acupressure Mat

1. What is acupressure mat?  Acupressure mat is based on the principle of Chinese traditional acupuncture. It is made of hundreds of acupressure nails, which are regularly arranged on a mat, and each nail is consist of dozens of acupressure points. Therefore, an acupressure mat is a technical combination of thousands acupressure points. It is easy and effective to stimulate each acupuncture channel of the body, when people lie on the mat.2. What is made of the acupressure mat? It is made of cloth filled with acupressure points and a quick rebound sponge.  An acupressure point is made of ABS by injection molding technology. The cloth is made of cotton cloth by sewing. The sponge is made of PDA by foaming technology. The product meets with the EU standard and is certified by SGS, CE, RoHS and pass AZO test.

3. Is the product certified? Yes, it is certified by CE, RoHS, and AZO free

4. How many colors of the acupressure mat are available? There are 16 colors available. 5. May customers use their brand or logo labeling on the product? Yes, we provide OEM or ODM service. Please send us your AI file. 6. What is the minimum order quantity(MOQ) of the acupressure mat?  A minimum order is 500PCS basing on the current cloth available. If an order is less than 500PCS, the cost will be very expensive, but you can use our brand for a better price.How many models available for the acupressure mat?The models are as the following:The flower of life with 27 points roundness, 32 points roundness, and 42 points roundness.Octagon with 32 points.Disc with 25 points 

Quadrate with 34 pointsHexagonal and triangle8. Are there other colors of nails available?Yes, but the MOQ is 500PCS up for each color 9. Is the mat washable by washing machine, if the acupressure mat is dirty?

No washing machine please, because the washing machine will smooth the nail. Please clean the dirty by hand. 10. How is the acupressure nail fixed on the cloth, by glue?All acupressure nails are bonded with cloth by hot melting technology. Hot melting technology is very environment friendly. Glue is not environmental protection. If it residues on the mat, it will possible cause skin allergy easily.11. How many sizes are available?

The sizes are as the following:60x40cm; 68x42cm; 74x47cm; 75x44cm; 80x51cm; 130x50cm. The regular sizes are 75*45cm and 68*42cm. The thickness of the mat is 2 cm. 12. Do you have videos about the produce process?Yes, videos are available. How do you prefer to receive the files, by Skype or Dropbox?

13. How do you pack the acupressure mat?The packing options are polybag, PVC bag, nylon bag, oxford cloth bag, and color box. 14. How many PCS should we order if we need exclusive color of the mat cloth?1000PCS. 15. How long is the lead time if we book 500PCS?

About 15 days after receiving the advanced payment. 16. Which countries the mat is sold the best?US and European area. 17. Does this product have a patent?This is not a patented product, so it is legal for commercial sales. 18. I am afraid of pain because the acupressure mat is quite sharp, What can I do?You can put a fabric on the mat and then lie on it. 19. what is the optimum time for reaching a good effect everyday?About 30 minutes per day, you can adjust the time according to your health condition

20. If I feel slight painful at the beginning of using the product, can I continue to lie on it? You can continue to lie on it, unless you have a skin problem. The pain will be gone in 5 minutes, and you will get used to it later on. 21. What's wrong with some red dots on my skin after using the product?The red dots are generated by acupuncture point. Please don't worry, it will automatically disappear a few days later. 22. Is movement allowed when I lie on the acupressure mat?

 Please do not move to avoid hurting the skin. 23. Is the sharp acupressure nail of the product safe?It is very safe. Acupressure mat is used by acupuncture theory to get the effect. Please keep the product away from children, and lie on the product carefully. 24. Can I use the acupressure mat if I had heart disease? In this case, please stop using the product. Because the acupressure point promotes blood circulation and speed the blood moving up. 25. Can I use the acupuncture mat, if my skin is broken?Please stop using the product. Because acupuncture may damage the skin and make the wound worse.26. Is it safe to allow the acupressure mat to touch my skin directly?Yes, it is safe. In case you feel uncomfortable, you can put a thin cloth on the mat, and then lie on it. 27. How to clean the acupressure mat when it is dirty? Please use a brush to brush away the dust with laundry detergent. Then dry it in the open air. 28. If the product is not in use, how to store it? Please pack the product in a bag and store it in dry place to avoid the product being mildew.29. Why the sponge is white in new, and then turns into yellow slowly? 

This is normal. It is the oxidation to make the color changed.30. The thickness of the sponge is 2 cm now. Can I change it to 3cm?

Yes, you can.

31. How long have you been in producing acupressure mat?We have made acupressure mat since 2009, and upgrade from hand made to machine made .Currently, the production capacity is 50000PCS acupressure mat per month. 32. Can I remove the sponge from the mat?

Yes, you can.

33. Can I choose other size acupressure nail?You can choose any round nail in the same price. If you choose Lotus disc, the price will be a little bit higher. 34. Can I use other material cloth, instead of cotton cloth?You can use linen, but not nylon. Nylon will be burned by the high temperature melting heat.

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