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Daewoo Sebacic Acid

Product Details
Market Type:After Market Business Type:Manufacturer Main Product:Sebacic Acid
OE Experience:No
Product Description Sebacic acid is mainly used for producing engineering plastics and widely used in many industries

Our company is a professional producer of sebacic acid and itsdownstream products and it is currently one of the largest exporters of sebacic acid handling over 32,000Mt per year. We are able to offer both power and granular material in a variety of packing sizes. In the following are the details of the product sebacic acid.

Sebacic acid is colorless transparent or light yellow liquid and it can be white power crystalline. The melting point is 134-134.5°C and the boiling point is 294.5°C. Its relative density is 1.2705g/ml and refractive index of 1.4369. The product is soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol or diethyl ether, insoluble in benzene, having the general chemical characteristics of the organic carboxylic acid.

Sebacic acid is also called 1, 8-Octanedicarboxylic acid, decanedioic acid and Octane-1, 8-dicarboxylic acid. 
CAS: 111-20-6
Molecular formula: C10H18O4  
Molecular weight: 202

Application of sebacic acid:
Sebacic acid used as a plastic cold plasticizers, solvents and intermediates in organic synthesis. Sebacic acid can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is the raw material of nylon and plasticizer, professional glue water and electrolyte. It also can be used as the raw material of curing agent for epoxy resin, high temperature lubricant.

Package: It is packed in a woven bag with inner plastic bag. We can provide 25kg, 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg bags or the packing ways according to clients.
Attention: Sebacic acid irritate to eyes, respiratory system and skin. Wear suitable protective clothing when handling it.

Aid measures: Rinse your mouth with water if you ingested by mistake. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. If it contacts with skin, rinse with water and soap. Transfer to fresh air, have a good rest and keep warm if inhaled.

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