• animal disinfectant of compound iodine solution
  • animal disinfectant of compound iodine solution

animal disinfectant of compound iodine solution

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Product Details
Function:Other, disinfectant drugs Dosage Form:Other, liquid Animal Type:Cattle, Horse, Sheep, Other, Cattle, Horse, Sheep, poultry
Packaging Details 500ml 1000ml 5000ml 15barrel/carton
Product Description


Compound iodine solution

[ main ingredients ] iodine, phosphoric acid

[ sex form ] this product is red brown sticky liquid.

[ pharmacology ] to all sorts of pathogens has strong affinity role, extremely easy penetration into the pathogen inside and pathogens

Virgin pulp of protein and other genetic sequence complexation amino generate strong halogenating effect, effectively kill many kinds of

Virus bacteria. Also with super oxidation, through the activity of iodine iodine, and oxidation bacteria of protein gene activity,

And with protein and amino to protein denaturation and combination of bacteria inhibit metabolic enzymes system, interference DNA and RNA viruses

The synthesis, block the breeding. Thus further kill many kinds of viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

The withdrawal of ] no.

[ precautions ] 1, shall not contain mercury drug compatibility. 2, preparation of iodine shall be deposited in the liquid inside airtight container. If the store

Time is too long, color becomes weak, should determine iodine content, and the iodine concentration will be needed before use.

[ side effect ] time mopping metal devices, it will have a corrosive.

[ with way ] used to corral disinfection, equipment, disinfection and deal with dirt, etc.

[usage and dosage ] disinfection livestock and poultry, slaughtering room 1-3% solution 0.5 1% solution disinfection devices.

1, livestock and poultry preventing at ordinary times: 2000-3000 times diluted, regular or long-term drinking water.

2, adjacent to corral happen when disease: 1000-1500 times diluted, with chicken disinfection, spray

7 days or drinking water.

Three, the disease occurred when: 300-500 times diluted, with chicken disinfection, spray or drinking water 7 days.

4, environment, cages, hatch equipment, protein, breeding, delivery up disinfection: 1000-

1500 times diluted, spray, blunt, wash, baptism.

5, cattle, sheep, pigs, chicken feet mouth canker smallpox etc skin disease: 200-300 times diluted, wash

Wipe the nozzle.

6, fish, shrimp, turtle, crab pond: 1000-1500 times diluted spraying.

[ content specification ] active iodine 1.8% 2.0% (W/W); Phosphoric acid 16.0%-18.0% (W/W).

The pack pack ] 5000 ml/barrel 4 MB/box

[ storage hidden ] airtight, preserved in a cool dry place.

Withdrawal time:

1) Meat: 15 days before slaughter

2) Milk: 5 days before consumption


1) For treatment gastro intestinal worms, lung worms, tape worms

2) Sheep and goat: 6ml each 30kg body weight

3) Cattle: 30ml each 100kg body weight

4) For treatment liver flukes

5) Sheep and goat: 9ml each 30kg body weight

6) Cattle: 60ml each 100kg body weight

Validation: Two years


Stored in tightly cool, dry and dark place.