• Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S
  • Premix vitamin E+S

Premix vitamin E+S

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  • UNI E+S
  • UNIG4005
  • Selangor, Malaysia
  • 20 Metric Ton / Metric Tons
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  • 20000 Metric Ton / Metric Tons per Month
  • Klang
Product Details
CAS No.:15 Other Names:Feed Additives MF:bhju
EINECS No.:3366 Type:Feed Grade Vitamins Efficacy:Other, Promote Healthy & Growth
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Product Description



Product Description

  Indication:Vitamin-E and Selenium deficiency. It should use during pregnancy, lactating and growing animals. Nutritional Muscular dystrophy / White Muscle disease, Enzootic Paralysis, Crazy Chick disease, Encephalomalacia, Exudative diathesis, Ascites etc. To increase egg production & hatchability. During Vaccination to increase antibody production & promote immunity.Highlighting Points:• Vitamin E acts as anti-oxidant & protects cells from destroy.• Vitamin E enhances immunity by producing anti-body.• Vitamin E helps in proper development of genital organs and enhances its activity.• Vitamin E Participates in the blood production process.• Selenium is an essential trace element which protects cells from lipid per-oxidation.• Selenium acts against nutritional muscular dystrophy disease.• Selenium increase hatchability of poultry.Dosage & Administration:Poultry:Treatment: 1 ml E-Sel liquid/2 liter water for 5–10 daysPreventive: 1 ml E-Sel liquid/4 liter water for 5–10 daysCattle: 1-2 ml E-Sel liquid / 10 kg body weight of animal for 5 – 10 days.Contraindication:E-Sel is contraindicated in birds hypersensitive to its component.Side Effect:It is safe even when use 100 times more the body requirement.

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1. Packing: Well packed

2. Port: Klang, Malaysia

3. Delivery time: within 14 days after receipt of deposit payment.

4. Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, 

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