• disinfectant for animals chinese medicine
  • disinfectant for animals chinese medicine

disinfectant for animals chinese medicine

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  • 500ml 1000ml 5liter
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Product Details
Function:Other, disinfectant drugs Dosage Form:Suspension Animal Type:Cattle, Horse, Sheep
Packaging Details 500ml 1000ml 5000ml/bottle
Product Description


Composite  Phenol

[ main ingredients ] this product is phenol, acetic acid and dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid made from such as

The mixture of water.

[ sex form ] this product is deep reddish brown sticky liquid, have a special smelly.

[ pharmacology ] 0.1-1% solution has bacteriostasis; 1%-2% solution have kill fine

Bacteria and fungi role; 5% solution can be in 48 hours to kill the anthrax spores. alkaline

Environment, lipid, such as soap to reduce its have antiseptic effect.

[usage and dosage ]

1, used to corral daily disinfection, match into 0.3-0.5% aqueous spray.

2, happened in disease disinfection, match into 0.5-1% aqueous solution for spraying.

3, used for breeding apparatus disinfection, made up with 1.6% aqueous solution can be baptized polyester.

4, 00 solution is used to sheep for the dipping, time 1 minute.

[ content specification ] phenol contained 41.0%-49.0%, acetic acid 22.0%-26.0%

[ packing specification ] 5000 ml/barrel 4 MB/box

[ with way ] disinfection antiseptic medicine. Can kill several kinds of bacteria and viruses, use

In case the scale, the pig, sheep NiuChang, fields and appliance sterilization occupies.

[ precautions ] dilution water, temperature had better not less than 8 °C; Ban and alkali

Sex drugs or other disinfection solution combination; It is strictly prohibited to use spray pesticides have the spray

The mist sprayed the medicine.

[ side effect ] the recommended amount used, adverse reactions no provisions.