• R/O( reverse osmosis) for water treatment
  • R/O( reverse osmosis) for water treatment
  • R/O( reverse osmosis) for water treatment
  • R/O( reverse osmosis) for water treatment

R/O( reverse osmosis) for water treatment

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Product Description

Product Description

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis process uses semi permeable spiral wound membranes to separate and remove dissolved solids, organic, pyrogens, sub micron colloidal matter and bacteria from water. Water permeates the minute pores of the membrane and is delivered as purified water. Impurities in the water are concentrated in the reject stream and flushed to drain. Reverse osmosis is capable of removing 97-99% of total dissolved solids (TDS), 99% of organic, including pyrogens, and 99% of all bacteria in the feed water.

Reverse Osmosis membrane

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane is a polyamide composite membrane which is composed by permeating liquid core columns, isolated networks, film, membrane and crust. Its filter aperture is only 0.0001 microns, the operating pressure is between 0.6-1.5 Map, and the desalting rate is high to 99%, so the chemical ions, bacteria, viruses are not passed and discharged with the wastewater. It only allows the water molecules and Oxygen molecules which are smaller than 0.0001 microns to pass, so as to achieve the purpose of purification.


1. Electronic industry: Pre-filter for ultra pure water, chemical products and pure water

2. Food and beverage industry: filter for mineral water, wines and fruit juice

3. Medicine industry: filter for drug liquid, gases

4. Chemical industry: filter for organic solvent

5. Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field flooding

Optional choice:

1. RO membrane: Filmtec /USA Dow brand/CSM brand/Huitong brand

2. Pump: Grundfos/FLECK

3. UV sterilizer

4. Chemical dosing system

5. Water softener

6. SS304 water tank

7. Ozone generator

8. Purolite Resin


1).Can produce pure water continuously and highly automatic                

2).No need chemical to regeneration, easy operation                  

3).RO system uses imported USA DOW membrane                

4).Automatic switch on when low water level, and switch off when high water level         

5).RO membrane can wash automatically and reduce pollution                

6).Water shortage protection for multi-stage pump                   

7).Production water conductivity meter can test the monitoring quality on line contionuosly.

8).Low operation Cost and Long life span            

9). It is PC program controller 

10).Easily control and Maintain           

11).Auto membrane flushing       

12).Environmental protection, Low power consumption    

13) Auto flush/backwash

14) Low /high pressure protection

1. Raw water pump: provide pressure to quartz sand filter/ activated carbon filter

2. Quartz sand filter: get rid of turbidity, suspended mater, organic matter, colloid ect.

3. Activated carbon filter: remove color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter and so on.

4. Micron filter: prevent any deposition of large Particles, most of the bacteria, and viruses going into RO membrane, the accuracy is 5 um, for holding back any large particulates such as large iron, dust, suspended matter, impurity.

5. High pressure pump: provide high pressure to RO membrane(at least 2.0Mpa)

6. Manually wash RO membrane;

7. Manually wash RO memebrane with chemicals on machine;

8. Machine automatically stops when high water level of purified water, and runs when low level;

9. Multi-stage pumps protect the machine when lack of water;

10. Protection in such cases as no power, lower pressure, higher pressure, shot circuit, creepage, etc

Name of parts Function of parts
Raw water pump ~~~provide the pressure to quartz sand filter/active carbon filter
Quartz sand  filter~~~get rid of turbidity, suspended matter, organic matter, colloid, ect. 
Active Carbon filter~~~Remove the color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, ect. 
Softener~~~exchange "ions" of calcium and magnesium with the most common and easiest method. 
Security filter~~~prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5um, 
High pressure pump~~~Provide the high pressure to RO membrane 
RO system~~~main part of the plant. The RO membrane's desalting rate can reach 99%, removing over 97% ions 
UV sterilizer~~~kill bacterias in water

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