• motorized sofa recliner mechanism
  • motorized sofa recliner mechanism

motorized sofa recliner mechanism

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motorized recliner mechanism

PACKAGE   MATERIALWOOD             MERS1.14×0.96×0.47M             QTY22SETS/CTN              G.W500KG

Raw and processed material: steel plate, thickness: 3-5mm, high quality material from Baosan and BengxiPaint: no contamination-no plumbum, no chromium Number of open and fold: more than 5,000Packing: carton or wood

1. The ottoman adopts the design of wide heavy gauge links and built-in articulating    elevated mid-ottoman.Profile  shape  designed for safety and appearance without    pinch points. Articulating designs  allows  use of wider & higher mid-ottoman for    elimination of entrapment areas and for leg support2. The system adopts the geometrically balanced  design to balance chair operation.    The user can choose any position from sitting to full reclining.3. The system uses direct drive with double locks. The direct drive with double over-    center  locks  enables  maximum  synchronization of side positive locking of both    sides. Square  drive  tube  connects to and  controls  both left and right sides.    Ottoman is locked closed on both sides.4. Minimum  stack-up  design. The  adoption of the  flatter  links  and  wider  base     mounting points  enables greater  bending  resistance  and greater stability and    strength.It improves weight capacity and durability.The mechanism base  width is    closer to seat  width while maintaining sufficient  clearance  between  links to    eliminate possibility of interference.5. Flanged links for stabilizer  tubes.  Set up the maximum strength stability and is    side to side. It eliminates  problems with  flexing  and breaking of tubes end at    bend. Flange is on heavy  gauge link instead  of the lighter gauge tube which can    flex and break.6. Large diameter cross tubes are used instead  of  formed straps makes the system    obtaining the maximum strength, side to side stability and torque control. Unique    design of flattened tube end maximizes torsional strength unlike non-tubular cross    members which have no significant torsional strength.7. The system uses the extended life rivet joints design. All rivet joints have either    acetal or bronze rivet bushing and acetal spacers to eliminate any  steel to steel    contact. No metal to metal noises when links contact nylon stop pins. 8. Safety features. Footrest bracket is spring loaded at all four corners which allows    the  footrest to  pull away  from  the seat and arm  stumps  if something  becomes    trapped upon closing. Hand wand can be easily and quickly removed when not in    use to prevent  children  from  operating  chairs. 7 second  cycle time  with    smooth operation. Transformer is movable to a safe  place to eliminate safety    hazards of high voltage to the chair.9. Interchangeable  on  wood frame design.The wood frames designed for the rocker    recliner, motorized lift are all interchangeable.10.The  back of the chair a dopts  the  KD  sleeve  design  for  easy  packaging  and     installation.