• RF level reply signal switch
  • RF level reply signal switch

RF level reply signal switch

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Packaging Details 60*30*30cm
Product Description

RF level reply signal switch

Product Description:

The principle of RF admittance level switch is based on RF (RF) capacitor technology. A radio frequency is applied to the probe to determine the impact caused by the surrounding environment through continuous analysis. Because all the materials have dielectric constant and their conductivity is different from that of air, the total impedance reflected by the small capacitance deviation of the probe changes when the probe is in contact with the material. Because the electric probe and the wall of the container form the two polar plates of the capacitor, the insulator of the probe and the surrounding air become dielectric materials, when the air (whose dielectric constant is 1.0) is replaced by any other material (dielectric constant > 1), Capacitance effect To strengthen. Thus, the impedance of the application field is changed. The change of capacitance caused the change of impedance. This effect is measured by the circuit and compared with the reference set up by the sensitivity setting (circuit)

The correct setting of RF admittance level switch sensitivity will affect the correct change of sensor output. The Null-KoTeTM circuit of the probe can make the measuring circuit ignore the material accumulated on the probe, otherwise it will cause the fault of sensitivity. The Null-KoTeTM circuit uses the same wireless frequency and potential excitation as the sensor probe. Because the current does not flow at the same potential, the Null-KoTeTM circuit separates the current from the current normally flowing from the electric probe through the stack of materials to the wall of the vessel. So you measure the material around the probe, not the material that's piled up.


◎ Versatility: it can be used to measure all kinds of conductive and non-conductive media, such as 

liquid, viscous matter, particle, powder, fly ash.

◎ Anti-adhesion: using patented anti-adhesion circuit to eliminate false signals caused by material adhesion.

◎ Probe detachable: there is no cable connection between the controller and the probe. The controller 

can be removed and replaced at any time, without affecting the material in and out.

◎ High and low temperature resistance: suitable for -184 ℃ to 280 ℃ working environment, also can provide for higher temperature ceramic probe.

◎ Output form: double pole and double throw relay signal output, at the same time state lamp display output state, and have 0 to 30 seconds delay function.

◎ Unintelligent diagnosis: after electrification, the instrument circuit automatically detects whether the working state is normal.


Typical applications: the length is more than 2 meters, vertical top installation, can be used as coal conveyer switch.

Bar material: 304+PTFE (optional)

Probe rod length: cable length S can be customized according to request

Power supply: 24VDC,220VAC (optional)

Process temperature: -40 ~ +130 ℃

Process stress: 0~2.0MPa

Process connection: thread, flange (optional)

Time delay: 0~30s adjustable

Power loss protection: open, close, field switchable

Output relay: double pole, double throw (DPDT) output, 5A,24VDC or 5A,220VAC

Protection / blast rating: IP67/Exia ⅡCT6 (optional)

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