• 2.7v 100f 120f 150f super capacitor
  • 2.7v 100f 120f 150f super capacitor
  • 2.7v 100f 120f 150f super capacitor
  • 2.7v 100f 120f 150f super capacitor

2.7v 100f 120f 150f super capacitor

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  • SP-2R7-157ZN super capacitor
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Product Details
Type:Super Capacitor Application:Power Package Type:Other, screw terminal
Capacitance: 350f 400f Rated Voltage:2.7V Operating Temperature:-40C~+70C
Packaging Details Tray box and standard carton
Product Description

Product Description

2.7v 100F-720F super capacitor

GTCAP EDLC super capacitors use ACP activated carbon coating / dry electrode and organic electrolyte system, with high capacity, low internal resistance, low leakage, high reliability characteristics. According to the differences of the capacity and appearance, We own 1F ~ 60F, 100F ~ 720F, 650F ~ 5000F and 2400F ~ 5000F four series.





Cylindrical, output can be same-end welding column type or thread type. can use laser welding connection or thread connection to realize series-parallel connection among cells.


Advantages include small size and high power density, able to provide instant power output and to be used as backup power supply. The system voltage can reach 1000 KV after serial-parallel connection, suitable for high voltage and high power requirements.

Technical parameters:

Main Application


Vehicle power supply, pitching control systems of wind turbines power distribution terminal, electric tools, micro grid, industrial backup power, etc.


1.Green Tech EDLC made of ACP activated carbon electrode and organic electrolyte. 2.Operate temperature: -40℃~+70℃(SP series),high temperature type: -40℃~+85℃ (SPH series) 3.Cycle life 1,000,000 duty times. 4.Voltage: 2.7V and 2.8V 5.Low ESR,low leakage current. Big capacitance,high reliability. Quickly charge-discharge and can supply high power.


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Company Information

Shanghai Green Tech is high quality passive components supplier and energy storage system solutions provider. And has been providing various capacitors to electronic industry with GTCAP brand since 2005. GreenTech cooperates with many experienced factories and research institutions. Our products mainly as below:

  • tantalum capacitors
  • super capacitors
  • mica capacitors
  • aluminum electrolytric capacitors
  • ceramic capacitors


1. What are the Advantages of a Super Capacitor?

*Virtually unlimited life cycle - cycles millions of time -10 to 12 year life *Low impedance *Charges in seconds *No danger of overcharge *Very high rates of charge and discharge *High cycle efficiency (95% or more) *Super capacitors and ultra capacitors are relatively expensive in terms of cost per watt

2. What are the Disadvantages of Ultra Capacitor ?
*Linear discharge voltage prevents use of the full energy spectrum. *Low energy density - typically holds one-fifth to one-tenth the energy of an electrochemical battery. *Cells have low voltages - serial connections are needed to obtain higher voltages. Voltage balancing is required if more than three capacitors are connected in series. *High self-discharge - the rate is considerably higher than that of an electrochemical battery. *Requires sophisticated electronic control and switching equipment.
3. Will Supercapacitors Replace the Battery?

A supercapacitor by itself cannot totally replace the battery. But, by merging a supercapacitor and a battery together - likea "Hybrid Battery" it will be possible for supercapcitors to replace the battery as we know it today.Supercapacitors needbatteries to store the energy and are basically used as a buffer between the battery and the device. Supercapacitors can be charged and discharged hundreds of thousands of times where a battery cannot do that.Soon the price point will be where most every electronic device will use them. As a hybrid battery.It will be the new super battery.

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