• Fiberglass Duct Rodders|Fiberglass Fish Tapes
  • Fiberglass Duct Rodders|Fiberglass Fish Tapes

Fiberglass Duct Rodders|Fiberglass Fish Tapes

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Product Description

Fiberglass Duct Rodders|Fiberglass Fish Tapes

As one of biggest duct rodder manufacturers in Asia, we provide the duct rodder with high quality and competitive price. We could produce from 4 to18mm diameters’ duct rodder,  and  provide duct rodder adding with copper wire, stainless steel wire for detecting uses. So the duct rodder  is also called Detectable Rodders. According  to customers’ requirement, We could produce different length and clour duct rodder.

In the world , the duct rodder have different name:

Cobra duct rodder,Pipe Eel,FISH TAPE,Cable Handling Equipment,Cable Jockey,CONDUIT SNAKESb></big><big><b></b></big>\">,cables rodder.

The Cobra duct rodder is the highest quality rod, designed for heavy duty applications. The extra strength comes from a unique construction process that ensures greater rigidity and strength, enabling it to endure the additional force required for long duct runs with multiple bends and sweeps.  

Duct Rodders are composed of fiber glass rod which was extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature. This type of rod has high tensile strength and flexibility. It was covered by a high density polyethylene engineering plastic as its protect layer, which make duct rodder cover sliding on surface, durable, corrosion resistant and has good insulation performance, which make them safe for use in cable occupied duct.

High Density polyethylene (Grade: for the insulating and jacketing of Telecommunication Cables) is used in the outer diameter coating. Duct Rodder

Duct Rodders will equipped with different size reel according to the length of rod. There are wheels on the reel, which make it convenient for moving.

1-Light weight, durable, resistance to acid, alkali, aging resistant, corrosion resistant.

2-High tensile strength and bending properties, which make it to go through narrow pipes easily.

3-Good temperature adaptability, the product will not soften in hot weather/nor become brittle in cold weather. Its usability will not be affected by temperature. Duct Rodder

4-Outer protect layer are made of high density polyethylene engineering plastic, which has good anti-UV capability.

5-Cover was coated with long-term UV-resistant polyethylene.

6-Its surface has the advantage of smooth, wear-resistant and long service life.

7-There are meter marks on the protect layer of duct rodder, which can be used for measuring distance. Marks are printed by professional printing machine, which has the advantage of strong adhesion, clear writing, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, it can be still clear even after using many times.

8-There are several kinds of colors for the rod for your chosen.

1 - Glass Reinforced Composite core:

General properties

Property Duct Rodder

Value Duct Rodder


E-Glass Fiber

Glass Content of Inner Part


Material of Pulling Rod

Epoxy fiber glass (inner)

High density Polyethylene(outer)


>1.9 gr/cm3

Diameter Tolerance

± 0.10mm

Work situation temperature

- 40 0C to +800C

Mechanical properties



Minimum pulling strength

4000  N±5%

Tensile Modulus

>30000 Mpa

Consistency of rod


Flexural Modulus

>30000 Mpa

Elongation at Break


Min. Bending Radius


Water Absorption

<0.15% after 24 hr.

2 - Polyethylene cover


Medium Density Polyethylene Resin for the insulating and jacketing of Telecommunication Cables.



Tensile Strength


Environmental Stress & crack resistance

>1000 hr.

Heat Stability


Carbon Black


Bazhou Deli Power facility Factory

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fiberglass duct rodder , cable roller , cable drum jack , cable pulley , wire grip , cable drum trailer , cable pulling equipment , wire and cable scissors , busbar machining tool , lifting tackles , security and insulated tools , etc.

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North America , South America , Eastern Europe

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