• EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant
  • EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant

EDI,EDI equipment,EDI plant

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overviewHigh-purity water equipment, EDI high-purity water equipment as the equipment to produce high-purity water, as the secondary desalination equipment after reverse osmosis equipment, can produce up to 10-18.2M.CM. Therefore, it is widely used in microelectronics industry, semiconductor industry, power generation industry, pharmaceutical industry and laboratory. It can also be used as pharmaceutical distilled water, food and beverage production water, power plant boiler supply water, and other applications of high purity water.

Introduction to EDIContinuous electro-desalting (EDI, Electro-deionization or CDI, continuous electro-ionization) is a process in which anions and cations in feed water are adsorbed by mixed ion exchange resin, and these adsorbed ions are separately removed through anion-cation exchange membranes under the action of DC voltage. In this process, ion exchange resins are regenerated continuously by electricity, so they need not be regenerated by acid or alkali. This new technology can replace the traditional ion exchange device and produce ultrapure water up to 18M-CM. It can also be described as follows: EDI uses anion and cation membranes to exchange cations and anions under the action of DC voltage, using symmetrical stacking form, in which anion and cation resins are sandwiched between the anion and cation membranes. At the same time, under the action of voltage gradient, water electrolysis produces a large number of H + and OH-, which regenerate anions and cations in the ion exchange membrane continuously. Because EDI is constantly exchanged and regenerated, the purity of water is getting higher and higher, so it is easy to produce high purity of water.EDI high-purity water equipment is a professional tool for preparing ultra-pure water, which combines reverse osmosis technology and ion exchange technology. It uses a computer intelligent program control system, which can automatically detect and display water quality, and ensure the output of water while obtaining high-quality water.

 General process flow of high purity water equipment:Because of the high requirement of high purity water equipment for water intake and the requirement of water quality for conductivity less than 10 ugs/cm, two-stage reverse osmosis or single-stage reverse osmosis are generally used as pretreatment. The general process flow is as follows:Single stage reverse osmosis equipment + EDI:Raw water tank→raw water pump→ quartz sand filter→ activated carbon filter →scale inhibitor dosing device (or softening water equipment) →precision filter→ high pressure pump →reverse osmosis membrane group→ pure water tank→ booster pump→ EDI device →high purity water tankTwo-stage reverse osmosis + EDI:Raw water tank→ Raw water pump→ Quartz sand filter→ Activated carbon filter→ Scale inhibitor dosing device (or softening water equipment)→ Precision filter→ First-Stage high pressure pump→ First-stage reverse osmosis membrane group→ Second-stage high pressure pump→ Second-stage reverse osmosis membrane group→ Pure water tank→ Booster pump →EDI device→ High-purity water tank

Performance advantages1. Continuous and stable production of high-quality pure water without shutdown due to resin regeneration;2. Pollutant-free discharge, which is not only environmentally friendly but also saves investment in waste liquid treatment.3. The equipment has compact structure, small floor area, space saving and energy saving advantages.4. After the commissioning of the plant, the workload on the spot is small and the on-the-job training is easy.5. Daily maintenance, simple operation, low labor intensity.6. Desalination rate is more than 99.9%, which is much higher than two-stage reverse osmosis and simple ion exchange. Application Areas

1 Water Use in Power Plants2 Chemical Water Treatment3 Electronics and Semiconductor Industry4 Ultra Pure Water in Precision Machinery Industry5 Fine Chemical Industry6 Water Use for Top Disciplines7 Process Water for Pharmaceutical Industry8 Water for Electroplating Industry9Laboratory water

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