• 4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal
  • 4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal
  • 4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal
  • 4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal
  • 4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal
  • 4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal

4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal

  • USD $0.01 - $1.5 / Piece Get Latest Price
  • Keendee or OEM brands
  • T41
  • Henan, China
  • 10000 Piece / Pieces
  • T/T Credit Card
  • 10000 Piece / Pieces per Month
  • Qingdao or other ports of CHINA
Product Details
Type:Abrasive Disc Size:4.5" 115X1X22.2mm
Packaging Details Craft box or plastic box, then Corrugated Carton. Or customized carton.
Product Description

Company Information

YuHong Abrasive from China Aluminum Oxide Raw material hometown, Zhengzhou city. 

Our factory found in 1995, with more than 20 years producing experiences.YuHong people focus on producing RESIN BOND ABRASIVE CUTTING WHEEL AND DEPRESSED GRINDING WHEEL for general metal, stainless steel, INOX, cast iron etc. materials. 

Our clients from wordwide market. We supply goods to them with different quality grade to meet their local market. 

Keendee brand is one of our brand name, it is especially for overseas market developing.

If you interest ouor products, then contact us freely.

Product Description

4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Thin Cutting Wheels / Discs for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal

1) Structure

Cutting Wheel Shape: T41 Flat shape

Cutting Wheel Abrasive Raw Material:  Corundum or Aluminum Oxide 

Binding material : Resin

Reinforced material : Fiber-glass layers. 1net, 1.5net, 2net are available.

Cutting Wheel Colour : Black, Green, Yellow, Rusty Red are available. 

Standard:  Europe En12413 

Use for materials: INOX, SS, Stainless Steel, general metal.

Applicable machine: portable angle grinder, hand grinder

2) Application

Ideal for INOX, Stainless steel, SS tube, SS pipe, alloy steel, INOX, also against with steel bar, steel pipe, steel plate, metal steel, metal plate, iron rod etc. workpiece materials.

3) Dimension or Size

T41 4.5" 115X1X22.2mm Black Thin Cutting Wheel / Disc for Stainless steel, INOX, Metal 

 Cutting wheel size Speed.R.P.M  Wheels qty / CTN
 115 X 1.0 X 22.2 13300 400
 115 X 1.2 X 22.2  13300 400

Other size available:

- T41 Flat / T42 depressed cutting wheels for metal and stainless steel

4" 100X1X16mm, 100X2X16mm, 100X3X16mm4.5" 115X1X22.2mm, 115X1.2X22.2mm, 115X1.6X22.2mm, 115X2X22.2mm, 115X2.5X22.2mm, 115X3X22.2mm5" 125X1X22.2mm, 125X1.2X22.2mm, 125X1.6X22.2mm, 125X2X22.2mm, 125X2.5X22.2mm, 125X3X22.2mm6" 150X1.2X22.2mm, 150X1.6X22.2mm, 150X2X22.2mm, 150X2.5X22.2mm, 150X3X22.2mm7" 180X1.2X22.2mm, 180X1.6X22.2mm, 180X2X22.2mm, 180X2.5X22.2mm, 180X3X22.2mm9" 230X2X22.2mm, 230X2.5X22.2mm, 230X3X22.2mm10" 250X2X25.4mm, 250X2.5X25.4mm, 250X3X25.4mm 12" 300X2.5X25.4mm, 300X3X25.4mm 14" 350X2.5X25.4mm, 350X2.8X25.4mm, 350X3X25.4mm, 350X3.2X25.4mm14" 350X2.5X32mm, 350X2.8X32mm, 350X3X32mm, 350X3.2X32mm14" 355X2.5X25.4mm, 355X2.8X25.4mm, 355X3X25.4mm, 355X3.2X25.4mm14" 355X2.5X32mm, 355X2.8X32mm, 355X3X32mm, 355X3.2X32mm 16" 400X2.5X25.4mm, 400X2.8X25.4mm, 400X3X25.4mm, 400X3.2X25.4mm16" 400X2.5X32mm, 400X2.8X32mm, 400X3X32mm, 400X3.2X32mm- T27 depressed Grinding wheels for metal and stainless steel

4" 100X4X16mm, 100X5X16mm, 100X6X16mm4.5" 115X4X22.2mm, 115X5X22.2mm, 115X6X22.2mm5" 125X4X22.2mm, 125X5X22.2mm, 125X6X22.2mm6" 150X4X22.2mm, 150X5X22.2mm, 150X6X22.2mm 7" 180X5X22.2mm, 180X6X22.2mm, 180X7X22.2mm 9" 230X6X22.2mm, 230X7X22.2mm

4) Packing & Shipping

In inner box, then in carton. Specialized packing available if required.

Safety Usage Guide

 A. Safety Recommendations

- Wear protective goggles

- Wear protective gloves

- Wear ear protectors

- Wear dust respirator

- Observe safety recommendations

- No barehanded or hand-hold operation

- No wet grinding 

- No side grinding

B. Mounting System

Never use Two different  diameter flanges cutting or grinding, must always keep the two flanges with same outside diameter and support area.

C. Abrasive wheels conveying and storage

1. The abrasive grinding wheel and cut off wheel must be conveyed with complete package to avoid collision and vibration.

2. Store wheels in an area that is dry and protected against damage from impack, solvents (e.g. alkaline), high humidity, and extreme heat or cold.

3. Store wheels horizontally. Oblique or vertical storage will cause damage to the wheel, so does high pressure on surface.

4. Avoid direct contact with ground. Dampness isolating cusion board should be placed between wheel and the ground. Keep the distance between the cushion board and the ground 10-15cm, and the pilling height shall not exceed 1.5m. 

5. Arrange wheels so that older ones will be chosen before new ones.

6. If they have been stored for over one year, the products must be used after the rotation intensity test and apperance check.

D. Mounting and working

1. Ensure that wheels are mounted before using:

- by qualified persons

- according to the manufacturer's instructions

- only on the machines from which they were designed

2. Before mounting a wheel:

-  inspect and test it to ensure that it is safe to use

- check that it is marked to indicate the maximum speed at which it can be used

- turn off and lock out the machine

3. When mounting a wheel, make sure that:

- the machine spindle speed does not exceed the speed which marked on the wheel

- the wheel fits freely, but not loosely on the spindle

4. Use flanges that:

- are equal in diameter and have equal bearing surfaces

- are at least one-third the diamter of the wheel

- have bearing surfaces that are true and free from burrs

- are properly undercut (unless it is a single flange used with a threaded-hole wheel)

5. Where required, use blotters that are free of creases, folds and dirt. Blotters should be just larger than the flanges.

6. Tighten the clamping nuts just enough to hold the wheel firmly.

7. Don't let screws for inserted nut mountings touch the abrasive part of the wheel, use screws taht are just long enough to engage a sufficient length of thread.

8. Make sure that the protective hood is properly adjusted and secured, and that is encloses the wheel as closely as the work will permit.

9. Clean the bearing surfaces of the wheel, flanges and spindles so that the clamping pressure is evenly distributed.

10. Check the speed of the spindle to make sure that it is not too fast for the type and size of wheel.

11. Make sure that the hole in the wheel bushing is the right size for the spindle (neither too small nor too large)

12. Tighten the spindle and nuts just enough to keep the wheel from moving out of position between the flanges.

13. Do not use cutting wheels as grinding wheels.

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