• Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape

Ares Kinesiology Tape

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  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • Ares Kinesiology Tape
  • South Korea
  • 1 Roll / Rolls
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  • 100000 Roll / Rolls per Month
Packaging Details - small box/ outer box/ master carton
Product Description

Product Description

Ares Kinesiology Tape (Elastic & Adhesive Therapeutic Taping Tape)

Premium quality of the ARES tape with the same elasticity as human skin offers a gentle and effective approach to the re-education of the neuromuscular system, which helps improve blood/lymph circulation, relief of muscle pains providing comfort and stability to your body. ARES tapes can be used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, chiropractors, physicians, manual therapists, nurses, physical therapists and general people with muscle pains.

Product List

1) ARES Standard 5cm x 5m: standard ARES tape with wave pattern

2) ARES Standard 5cm x 31.5m: standard ARES tape with wave pattern in bulk size

3) ARES precut tape 20 strips: ARES precut in roll with 20 strips (5cm x 25cm strip each)

4) ARES precut tape 120 strips: ARES precut in roll with 120 strips (5cm x 25cm strip each)

5) ARES Extreme tape (synthetic tape): Advanced type of ARES Synthetic tape, comes in metallic gold, metallic blue, metallic pink and metallic black

6) ARES Amazon tape 5cm x 5m(printed tape): standard ARES tape combines with trendy animal prints such as Leopard, Zebra and Tiger

7) ARES Custom Logo tape: You can now add your company or team logo to Ares Tap (Perfectly harmless material is used to create logo)

8) ARES Cross (Spiral) tape: grid shape ARES Cross tape can be used with Kinesiology taping method and Acupuncture therapy

9) ARES scissors: ARES scissors with Teflon-coated blades specialized for taping methods

10) ARES taping guide book: compact and handy guide book with hundreds easy-to-follow ARES taping techniques included

Features of ARES Kinesiology Tape

-Latex-freehypoallergenic cotton fiber tape-Acrylic heat-activated backing-No medicinal properties-Approximately same thickness and weight of human skin-Comfortable to wear-Can be worn in pool and shower (water-resistant)

Effects of ARES Kinesiology Tape

-Treat sport injuries and general muscle pain-Promote good circulation and healing-Support for muscles and joints-Prevent injuries and fatigue-Enhance performance




For more information, please visit us at www.aresports.com

Packaging & Shipping

-Individual packing / 6 roll outer box / standard master carton

-Ocean shipping / Air shipping / Express courier service (EMS, FEDEX, DHL and Etc.) available

Our Services

All our goods are available for OEM customized & personalized products.

-OEM logo tape

-OEM printed tape

-OEM precut tape

-OEM standard uncut tape


Company Information

Godlisha Corp. located in Korea is a specialized high-tech manufacturer as well as a leading distributor of ARES Kinesiology Taping Tape.

Our strength and main product ARES Kinesiology Taping Tape is popularly used in physical therapy clinics, rehabilitation centers and athletic fields worldwide with fast and increased inquires from every corner of the world day by day.

We always put our first priority and efforts on the product safety and stability as well as reliable quality and trendy product designs/settings of all our ARES products. They are also strictly certified CE, KFDA and FDA by authorized bodies.

All the materials we use are chosen and gained within Korea with careful and thorough filtering/scanning and therefore we can confidently say that all ingredients are in all top quality monitored and inspected with close cooperation of ARES R&D and QC expertise team at all times.

Collections of materials/ingredients, manufacturing, cutting and packaging process are all done under one roof with a close inspection to meet our specified and developed product standards.

We also try all our best to meet our customers' needs at all time with royal business management and prompt business services.

Therefore, all our current overseas partners throughout Asian, European, North/South American and Oceania markets are highly satisfied about us and ARES products in regards of quality matters as well as our prompt and reliable business manners.

We value our customers the most!

We're always open our mind to do sincere business with you!


For more information, please visit us at www.aresports.com


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Mid East , Southern Europe , Northern Europe , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , South America , North America , South Asia , Oceania , Africa , Central America , Southeast Asia , Eastern Asia

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