• Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing
  • Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing

Made pc450-6 bucket pin and bushing

  • USD $60 - $70 / Piece Get Latest Price
  • KSC
  • pc450-6
  • Shandong, China
  • 1 Piece / Pieces
  • T/T Credit Card
  • 1500 Piece / Pieces per Month
  • We support the shipment of all ports in China including combined transport by land sea and air
Product Details
Warranty:1 YEAR, 12months
Packaging Details Export standard wooden cases with foam MATS/air plastic foam inside and strips to save space and weight as much as possible while ensuring product safety.
Product Description

Product DescriptionProduct details   We are an OEM factory, we produce PC60,PC70,PC130,PC160,pc200,pc210, pc220, pc240, PC270,pc300, pc360, pc400, pc450, pc550, pc600, pc650,pc750,pc850, pc1250 and other brands of , bucket, pin shaft.                                                Please check the picture below to confirm the order

models Part number generation OEM
PC60-6/-7/-8 201-70-74230 yes
PC70-6/-7/-8 201-70-64210 / 201-70-74230 yes
PC130-6/-7/-8 203-70-44380 yes
PC160-6/-7/-8 21K-70-23140 yes
PC200-7/-8 205-70-73270 yes
PC210-6/-7/-8 205-70-73270 yes
PC220-6/-7/-8 205-70-73270 yes
PC240-7/-8 205-70-73270 yes
PC270-6/-7/-8 205-70-73270 yes
PC300-7/-8 207-70-73210 yes
PC360-7/-8 207-70-73210 yes
PC400-6/-7/-8 208-70-73250 /208-70-61230 yes
PC450-7/-8 208-70-73520 yes
PC550-6/-7/-8 208-70-73520 yes
PC600-6 21M-70-11260 / 21M-70-11160 yes
PC650-7/-8 21M-70-11260 / 21M-70-11160 yes
PC750-7/-8 209-70-57350 / 209-70-57331 yes
PC850-8 209-70-57350 / 209-70-57331 / 209-70-57370 yes
PC1250-7/-8 21N-70-33142 /21N-70-33161 yes

Main Features  We are an OEM factory with a professional technical team and production personnel, a strong foreign trade system, professional and clear guidance to customers, the production of the original factory materials and technology, to ensure the use of customers.

Our companyDetailed ImagesThe raw materials  We strictly control the procurement of raw materials, procurement of genuine steel mill steel production. Strict requirement for required steel, must meet all property standards of 45# and 40Cr steel. Ensure quality at the source of production.

Drilling  To realize the normalization, standardization and conformity of drilling program data. Under the premise of compliance with normal standards, the direct use of customers is more practical, more humanized and the actual operation of the understanding of this procedure. More convenient for customers, more appropriate use.

Quenching  The product is quenched by super audio quenching method to ensure that the product is heated at one time. In terms of product hardness, in order to guarantee product quality, there is no quality product with blasting lines or hidden cracks inside or outside. The hardness depth reaches 1.5-2.5mm, which makes it stronger and more durable.

Fine grinding  Intelligent precision grinding process is refined. Advanced precision grinding equipment is adopted. Under the principle of more turns and less quantity, manual supervision, measurement and adjustment are made for many times, so that the finished product can have a more refined appearance and the size can be reduced to the pursuit of "0" error.

Our ServiceBefore the sales  We have a professional team to solve problems quickly and effectively. Allow customers to place orders under the clear, assured and pleasant conditions.

Customers to use  In the use of customers, our company will regularly visit customers, organize parties, exchange experience in use, technology and other aspects. Nervous, quick and effective response to customer problems.

Packing & DeliveryPackaging   Packing with export wooden box, add air plastic film and cloth inside, isolate, prevent collision and pressurize. Save space and weight on the premise of safety and integrity.

Delivery  We have a fixed stock of products, to ensure that customers order the first time can go through the procedures for delivery, as far as possible to save the transport time. Ensure the customer can receive the goods in the shortest possible time.

Related ProductsThe bucket is selected according to the nature of the customer's work, the environment of the work place and the temperature. The standard size can also be made according to customer requirements.

The production of lining, according to the PC raw materials, process strict production, to ensure the normal, standard.

The connecting rod adopts raw materials and manufacturing process in accordance with PC standards, so that customers can better experience the operation and use the products more safely

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Company profileThe company age:  Our company registered in 2004 operating excavator accessories.Supply ability:  We have a strong production system, can supply in large quantities, all kinds of shaft single products can achieve 1500/ month production and inventory preparation.The quality of the product:  We are an OEM factory, and the cooperation with the manufacturer for many years, until now the cooperation is very happy, never in the quality of dispute.

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