• hardwearing, natural latex resistance band
  • hardwearing, natural latex resistance band
  • hardwearing, natural latex resistance band
  • hardwearing, natural latex resistance band

hardwearing, natural latex resistance band

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  • Jiangxi, China
  • 500 Piece / Pieces
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  • 100000 Piece / Pieces per Month
  • xiamen
Packaging Details polybag+carton
Product Description

Available in 10 different resistance levels

Colour coded to easily identify the band you need 

Made from hardwearing, natural latex

Available in 10 different resistance levels/strengths: 

   208cm x 0.45cm x 0.64cm  Yellow         2.5-25LBS = 1KG-11.3KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 1.30cm  Red             5-50LBS = 2.3KG-22.7KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 1.90cm  Blue            10-60LBS =  4.5KG-27.2KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 2.10cm  Black           15-65LBS =  6.8KG-29.5KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 2.90cm  Pink             25-80LBS =  11.3KG-36.3KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 3.20cm  Purple          30-90LBS = 13.6KG-40.8KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 4.50cm  Green          50-120LBS = 22.7KG-54.4KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 6.40cm  Dark Blue     60-150LBS = 27.2KG-68.04KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 8.30cm  Orange        70-170LBS = 31.75KG-77.11KG

   208cm x 0.45cm x 10.1cm  Grey            80-200LBS = 36.3KG-90.72KG

Cross Training Resistance Bands are a great addition to your workout kit. They are ideal for when you are getting tired of your training and want to mix it up a bit with some new equipment, they are also great for when you are feeling aches and pains after too much heavy lifting or for when you want a portable, versatile piece of kit to pack when you go away on business or holiday.

Top benefits:

     Versatile, portable, a range of resistances to suit all levels of strength and fitness, simple to use, easy to pack and store, great for injury recovery or when you want to mix up your training sessions, controlled, consistent resistance throughout any exercise.

Best for:

      All rounders, experts, beginners.

Works what muscle groups:

      Can be used to target specific muscle groups or to create a total body workout.

Workout type:

     Resistance bands are ideal for workouts where space is tight or you can't get to the gym. You can use them to increase strength, burn fat, to help with stretching and for injury rehab.  

Suggested exercises:

      Band Thrusters, Bent Over Rows, Flyes, Monster Walk, Curls....(See Training & Advice for some exercises to try)